Chefs Specials

Paneer Balti (V99) – £8.00
Pieces of cottage cheese cooked in a balti sauce

Shahi Paneer (Veg) £8.50
Home made cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes, cream and butter with a little garlic ginger and onion.

Chicken hot garlic Flesunga sauce (Nepalese dish) – £9 25
Marinated chicken pieces, chefs unique recipe served with a Habanero sauce.

Chicken Shaslik (Healthly Option) – £8.50
Tender chicken breast pieces cooked in clay oven with onion, pepper and tomato, served in sizzler.

Tandoori chicken (Healthly Option) – £8.50
Chicken on the bone breast and leg marinated cooked in clay oven

Malai kabab (Nepalese dish) £9.00
Chicken breast pieces very mild marinated with cashew nuts cream and home blend spices Cooked in clay oven.

Lamb chop Angoori (Healthly Option) – £11 .00
5 pcs of Welsh Lamb chop marinated in red wine cooked in medium hot sauce.

Lamb Rara (Nepalese dish) – £9.50
Welsh lamb with pineapple slice serves in home made rara sauce.

Lamb Ran (ask for availability) – £11 .95
Shank of Welsh Lamb marinated in salt and peper, red wine, garlic and ginger skewered and slow cooked in Tandoori oven. Served in a sauce of your choice.

King Prawn Malekhu (Nepalese dish) – £13.50
Jumbo king prawns marinated in white wine garlic ginger onion Lemon juice cooked in medium sauce.

Tondoori jumbo prawn – £16.00
6pcs jumbo king prawn cooked in clay oven.

Tandoori Khajana – £13.00
A selection of chicken leg, lamb chop, sheek kabab and king prawn served in sizzler with nan bread and curry sauce.

Quails (availability) – £9.50
Pair of quails barbequed in a clay oven and cooked in sauce of your choice.

Salmon Tikka Masala – £9.95
Tikka of Salmon cooked in a clay oven served with bhuna sauce.

Salmon Tandoori – £8.00
Diced salmon fillet cooked in a clay oven.

Nawabi Chicken £8.50
Marinated chicken cooked in cashew nut sauce, ginger, garlic and green chilli.