Main Dishes / Chicken Farm Se

Chicken Madras Healthy Option – £8.50
Hot cubed chicken breast cooked to a traditional madras recipe.

Chicken Vindaloo Healthy Option – £8.50
Fiery hot traditional Goan dish cooked with chicken, potato, well spiced with fresh chillies.

Chicken Balti Healthy Option – £8.50
Cubed chicken cooked in a medium hot thick sauce with fresh onions and coriander.

Karahi Chicken Healthy Option – £7.95
Diced chicken cooked with tomatoes, ginger garlic, coriander and capsicum served in a sizzling Karahi.

Chicken Tikka Kulchan / Masala – £7.95
Barbecued chicken tikka cooked in special secret sauce with cream and cashew nuts.

Butter chicken – £7.95
Barbecued boneless tandoori chicken cooked in our secret recipe.

Chicken Korma – £6.95
Diced chicken cooked in a mild sauce, with nuts, fruit and cream.

Tawa Chicken Healthy Option – £8.50
Tender chicken pieces cooked in a clay oven with garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes.

Chilli Chicken (Nepalese dish) – £8.50
Chicken breast pieces sealed in egg, cooked with garlic, ginger, mixed pepers, coriander and chillies in a hot thick medium sauce.

Saffron Special Handi Chicken (Nepalese dish) – £10.25
Boneless Tandoori chicken cooked with mince lamb garnished with boiled egg

Saffron Special Sahara Chicken – £9.95
Chicken breast stuffed with barbecued lamb mince, cooked and served with two sauces.

Chicken Hariyali (Nepalese dish) – £8.25
Diced boneless chicken cooked with green chilli, peppers, coriander and tomatoes.

Chicken Sag – £8.95
Diced boneless chicken cooked with spinach garnished with fresh ginger.

Chicken Dansak Healthy Option – £7.50
Chicken cooked with lentils and spices.

Chicken Jalfrezi Healthy Option – £7.95
Cubed chicken cooked with capsicum, tomatoes,onions and green chilli.

Chicken Manchurian (Nepalese dish) – £7.95
Chicken breast cut into pieces sealed in egg, cooked with garlic, ginger mixed peppers and coriander in a think sauce.

Chicken hot garlic Resunga sauce (Nepalese dish) – £9.25
Marinated chicken pieces, chefs unique recipe served with a Habanero sauce.

Chicken Shaslik Healthy Option – £8.95
Tender chicken breast pieces cooked in clay oven with onion, pepper and tomato, served in sizzler.

Tandoori chicken Healthy Option – £8.50
Chicken on the bone breast and leg marinated cooked in clay oven.

Malai kabab (Nepalese dish) – £9.25
Chicken breast pieces very mild marinated with cashew nuts cream and home blend spices Cooked in clay oven.

Chicken Rara (Nepalese dish) – £8.50
Chicken tikka with pineapple slice serve in homemade rara sauce.

Lemon Chicken (Nepalese dish) Healthy Option – £8.50
Chicken Brest pieces cooked with lemon slice served in sweet & sour sauce.

Chicken Gulmeli Hottest dish in house (Nepalese dish) – £9.00
Spicy marinade chicken with mushroom and Scotch Bonnet peppers served in a tenahau sauce.

Chicken Malewa (Nepalese dish) – £8.85

Saffron’s Chefs will prepare your food the way you like it. Any special requests can be accommodated and your food will be cooked to order, please ask your waiter.

Saffron use only the freshest Fish, selected Chicken and the finest Welsh Lamb.