Saffron Starters / Tandoor Ke Angarey

Pappodoms – £1.10
with selection of chutneys.

Chicken Chat – £4.50
BBQ Chicken with cucumber, tomato, onion, lemon juice, fresh coriander lightly spiced.

Sheek Kabab Healthy Option – £4.50
Minced lamb onion, garlic, ginger and chili cooked on a skewer with Indian spices.

Chicken Tikka Healthy Option – £4.50
Pieces of chicken in our own spices, marinated in yoghurt sauce, cooked in a clay oven.

Lassen E Shashlik Healthy Option – £4.95
Tender Pieces of chicken with our own spices, marinated very lightly cooked in a clay oven with chunks of capsicum, tomatoes and onions.

Lamb Chops Healthy Option – £4.95
Using tender saddle chops marinated in spiced yoghurt cooked in a clay oven.

Mix Sizzler (for 2 people) Healthy Option – £10.95
A mixture of chicken tikka sheek kabab, lamb chops and king prawns.

Reshmi Kebab – £5.50
Chicken marinated in special spices with ground cashew nuts.

Crispy Prawns – £5.50
Two jumbo king prawns marinated with bread crumbs and egg deep fried.

Prawn Puri (Chicken, Chana, King Prawn) – £4.75
Selected fresh cold water Prawns cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce, served over traditional indian deep fried home made bread.

Tandori King Prawn Healthy Option – £5.50
Selected King Prawns, marinated in traditional herbs and spices cooked in the Tandoor Oven.

Chicken Pakora – £4.95
Chicken breast pieces marinated with mixed spices, gram flour cooked in the deep frier.

Kalmi Kabab – £6.00
Two chicken Thighs marinated in Ginger, Garlic, white pepper, yogurt cooked in clay oven.

Momo – £5.00
Steam cooked Nepalese dumpling filled with lean lamb mince served with homemade chutney

Saffron’s Chefs will prepare your food the way you like it. Any special requests can be accommodated and your food will be cooked to order, please ask your waiter.

Saffron use only the freshest Fish, selected Chicken and the finest Welsh Lamb.